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Hi there.

I have decided that I am no longer updating this blog.
From today, twist & turn on will be the only blog I run.

As some may have noticed that I have been running two blogs for a couple of months.
It was interesting. However, I've realised that it consumes too much of my time.

So long (^_^)/

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The moment to live for

My teammate forwarded to me some photos from my previous season.
I was pretty chuffed to know that someone captured the moment of one of my scores.

I am No.26 with a jersey too large for my frame...

The moment of releasing my shot on the goal...


A salute to my hubbie in the stand...

& Hi-five with my teammate...

The moment like this keeps me going no matter how hard the practice is.

I even enjoy a bit of pushing and shoving too. Nothing's wrong with controlled aggression. My hubbie says "Take no nonsense"...

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Hard at work

As customary, the rain keeps interupting the plays in the Wimbledon.
Except Centre Court, the rest of the courts are at the mercy of British weather.
Let's hope the players - including our Andy Murray - won't have to pace up & down too long in the locker rooms.

When I visited SW19 on last Saturday, the weather was fair, a bit too breezy for my liking but it stayed dry.
Apart from the players who were whacking balls, the ball boys & girls were also hard at work...

Either they are crouching down or standing dead still...

When their shift is up (every 75 minites they change), they scurry around the edge of the court like a bunch of mice dashing along the Tube wall...

While everyone else was sweating out on turf, we indulged ourselves with trays full of guilty pleasure. Three slices of cake, two sets of scone with cream & jam, two bowls of strawberries & cream and gallons of tea...

Guess who walked past by us while we were enjoying our afternoon tea?
Serena Williams, flanked by two officials! They were quick marching so I didn't have a chance to whip out my iPhone therefore no photo which was a shame. She was not as chunky as I thought. And not as tall as I imagined...

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Dodgy weather

Contrary to yesterday's, today's weather was anything but predictable.
Wind, sunshine, rain, breeze, overcast... You name it. We had it all.

The weather seemed promising when I came out of one of the subways around Hyde Park Corner.

I was joining the picnic which was orgainzed by one of my teammate.
However, the heaven opened and everyone scurried to find a cover under the trees. Oh no!
Today is the first day of July. And I am still wearing a jumper.
So bl**dy wrong with this summer, I tell you...

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Retro Market @ Spitalfields

Every Thursday, Retro market is held at Spitalfields.

Couldn't remember when I was there last time. So I decided to cycle there this lunchtime.

The space normally allocated for a weekly market was holding an event by D&AD. And the actual market was moved temporarily around the corner, near the underground car park entrance. I bumped into my old acquaintance, Colin, who had a vintage record stall off Brick Lane. He looked tanned and very well. We exchanged pleasantries and I carried on sauntering around the vintage stalls.
Then, I came across something interesting. An old graphic design compendium. I thought my lovely hubbie would love it. The vendor suggested £20 but I haggled it down to £15!

In the main square, a flamenco dance demonstration was going on.
The audience was clapping their hands and cheering. A great atmosphere.
By the way, did you watch the Portugal ve Spain game last night? Another penalty shoot-out ending. It was such a nail biting game!

Now, it's a time for latte & cake at Spianata.
And this is my favourite, Ciambellotto al Limone (Lemon Cake). I just adore the lemony flavour of this sponge. You can really taste lemon.

Which goes famously well with their coffee. Mmmm... I love it.

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